• Bellagio's First Photoshoot

    Posted by Lucy Lollio

    Our amazing Bellagio photoshoot team (L - R): Peter Coulson (Photographer), Vicky Papas-Vergara (Hair and Wardrobe Stylist) ,Andrew Morello (Director), Annie Nguyen (Creative Director), Natascha Verkaik (Model), Lucy Lollio (Founder), Gary Ng (Director), Saphire Gaskas (Make-up Artist), Vicki Ness (Stylist), Dean Georgio (Director of Vicious Models).

    Yesterday marked the beginning of the Bellagio dream as we set up for Bellagio's first official photoshoot at Koukei Photography Studio in Kilsyth, Melbourne.

    First on the agenda yesterday was preparing the studio for the set-ups required to achieve five different photoshoot looks, laying out the Bellagio collection on the dressing table and then styling the jewellery to match the outfit changes. All while the face of Bellagio was getting ready for the photoshoot in the dressing area. 

    Photoshoot set-up

    Bellagio model getting her make up done

    Hair and makeup on Bellagio model

    After setting up the studio we were lucky enough to still get plenty of natural sunlight shining into the studio for our first photoshoot look which was soft, elegant and natural. Here is a sneak peek of our first look, the rest is soon  to be revealed on the Bellagio website so stay tuned!

    Look 1 Bellagio

    The vibe and energy in the studio was at an all-time high as we flew through the first look and prepared our model for the second grungey look for the day. Below is a picture of Peter Coulson working his magic on our Bellagio model in her leather get-up. 

    Peter Coulson Bellagio

    All in all it was a successful day for Bellagio and we can't wait to share with you our behind the scenes video as well as the launch of our new website and face of Bellagio!

    For more Bellagio remember to Like our Facebook page. 

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  • How to Look After Sterling Silver Jewellery

    Posted by Lucy Lollio

    There is nothing worse than finally finding your favourite sterling silver necklace or ring, only to have it harden or change colour more quickly than it should. This is why it is so important to care for your sterling silver jewellery to prevent it from scratching and tarnishing.

    Here are some tips to help you keep your jewellery at its original appearance for as long as you can!

    Caring for your Sterling Silver

    There are some household chemicals that can damage precious metals which may cause your sterling silver to oxidise. Try to not expose your jewellery to common products such as hairsprays, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, rubber, latex and even extreme temperatures.

    So, if you're getting ready for a big night out then finish spraying your perfume and doing your hair and makeup before putting your jewellery on. When you're ready to take your jewellery off at the end of the day, wipe your sterling silver pieces with a cotton cloth to remove any of the body oil or makeup residue so that these chemicals don't collect and affect your jewellery.

    Tip: Take your jewellery off if you're about to jump into a pool containing chlorine as this is a known sterling silver tarnishing substance!

    Storing your Sterling Silver

    Always store jewellery in a cool, dry place away from heating vents and window sills. Purchase a jewellery box or some dividers for your cupboards so that you can easily access and organise your jewellery.

    Once created a jewellery storage area, make sure that you are placing individual items in separate jewellery bags or cloths to prevent different metals  from rubbing against each other and tarnishing.

    Tip: If you can't find one at home then resealable plastic bags are also an easy solution!

    Cleaning your Sterling Silver

    Often people make the mistake of using toothpaste to polish sterling silver jewellery, however, since the toothpaste is quite abrasive it can leave scratches visible scratches on your jewellery and cause it to tarnish faster.

    What you should actually be doing instead is cleaning your sterling silver by using  phosphate-free detergent mixed in warm water and a children's toothbrush. Once you've finished cleaning your jewellery, dry it off with a polish cloth.

    Tip: Make your own polish cloth by cutting a square of soft microfibre to use at home!

    We hope these tips have helped you look after your jewellery and leave a comment below because we would love to hear your tips too!

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  • How To Measure Your Ring Size

    Posted by Lucy Lollio

    1.Get a ring that fits you comfortably, not too loose (preferably a standard size band, not a thick ring)

    2. Get a ruler and measure from one side of the ring to the other side (inside circle only)

    3. Place the ruler in the middle of the circle to work out how many millimeters the inside hole of your ring is

    4.Please refer to photo below;

    ring size

    For example this photo shows that the inside of the ring hole is approx. 18mm wide, which equates to a size 57.

    Here are our ring size chart to find the perfect ring size for your finger:

    size chart

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  • Selecting the Best Necklace for Different Necklines

    Posted by Lucy Lollio




    Many people wear necklaces without considering the outfit that goes with it. When the occasion comes they suddenly find themselves feeling awkward and it seems that something is not right with the overall look. That is because a specific necklace is designed to fit a specific neckline.If you already have a necklace, then the next thing to do is match it with a dress with a neckline compatible with the necklace. Like for example, if your necklace is a choker type, then the best dress to wear is a strapless one.

    There are 12 common necklace designs compatible with 12 popular necklines.

    1. Turtleneck goes with Long chains or pendants.
    2. Crew is perfect for bib or collar necklaces.
    3. Scoop necklines are best suited for shorter pendants with volume.
    4. Strapless dress goes well with chokers.
    5. The square neckline dress is great for angular pendants.
    6. Off shoulder dress looks good with asymmetric necklace.
    7. Halterneck is emphasised with slim pendants.
    8. The popular V necks go great with V shaped pendants as well.
    9. A collar short dress needs a pendant or choker to go with it.
    10. Boat neck clothes look amazing with long beads.
    11. Cowl necklines look fantastic with feature earrings.
    12. And, a sweetheart neckline is compatible with carved beads or pendants.

    These basic ideas will help you decide what necklace to wear for a specific neckline. This will improve your overall style and aura, as well as making the necklace more pronounced; the contrasting effects will make both dress and necklace independently stand out from the crowd.

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  • Conducting a Successful Jewellery Home Party

    Posted by Lucy Lollio


    Conducting a jewellery home party is not that difficult. With proper planning, a bit of creativity and preparations, then you are all set. First, you need to gather the jewelleries that you want to present and sell to your friends and guests. Also, know the materials used and how the jewellery was made; this will bring more flavour as you explain the jewellery to your guests, as well as attach the fitting price for each. Once you have these basic ideas, create invitation letters or email and send it to your prospects days before the actual event; the number of prospects will also decide how much time will be needed to run a successful jewellery home party, as well as the amount of food to prepare.

    Most jewellery home parties take around 3 to 5 hours to run. Guests usually come to your home party to see and probably buy what’s presented on the table. You really don’t need to prepare a lot for food. Simple drinks and non-greasy foods will do. Also, place the table with the jewelleries in it somewhere roomy in order to hold your guests. Giving your guests a promised of freebies will entice them to go to your home party; a free fancy jewellery or small tokens will do.

    After every successful home party, the jeweller will sell around hundreds of dollars depending on the number of guests buying the products. That’s it! Conducting a successful jewellery home party need not be sophisticated at all.

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