Posted by Lucy Lollio

Appraising any sterling silver jewelleries is not that difficult, especially if you have the right materials for the test. The things you need are weight scale, magnifying glass, and a nitric acid silver tester kit. You can buy these materials at the hardware store. You need these tools to find the purity, condition, age, weight and shape of the silver. So, this is how you do the tests:

1) Weight the silver and convert the result to one-troy-once (oz t), which is a unit of imperial measure used to gauge the mass of precious metals, and 1 troy once is equal to 31.1034768g. Multiply it with the current market value; this will give you an estimate about your silver item.

2) Determine the purity of the silver. Most silverware is marked with numbers or words representing its purity. A global standard purity is between 92.5 to 99.9 percent. You can then multiply this with the current value.

3) Examine the condition and age of the silver. If it’s an antique, then it’s possible that it’s expensive today.

4) Take the nitric acid silver test kit and follow the instructions on how to do the test; it’s best to ask help from a professional to do this task. An acid test will surely find the purity of the silver. Rub the silver onto a stone slate and pour a small amount of acid on it. The chemical reactions between the silver and acid will produce a colour that will determine its purity level. Get the colour chart that is included with the kit and compare the results.

Also, you can download the colour chart at any online jewellery appraisal websites, as well as check the current silver price at most silver and gold exchange websites. Also, some of these websites offer online calculators to make things easier, so that’s how you basically appraise any sterling silver jewellery. You might also want to ask the purity and condition of the silverware before buying it at any jewellery stores.



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