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Our amazing Bellagio photoshoot team (L - R): Peter Coulson (Photographer), Vicky Papas-Vergara (Hair and Wardrobe Stylist) ,Andrew Morello (Director), Annie Nguyen (Creative Director), Natascha Verkaik (Model), Lucy Lollio (Founder), Gary Ng (Director), Saphire Gaskas (Make-up Artist), Vicki Ness (Stylist), Dean Georgio (Director of Vicious Models).

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Bellagio dream as we set up for Bellagio's first official photoshoot at Koukei Photography Studio in Kilsyth, Melbourne.

First on the agenda yesterday was preparing the studio for the set-ups required to achieve five different photoshoot looks, laying out the Bellagio collection on the dressing table and then styling the jewellery to match the outfit changes. All while the face of Bellagio was getting ready for the photoshoot in the dressing area. 

Photoshoot set-up

Bellagio model getting her make up done

Hair and makeup on Bellagio model

After setting up the studio we were lucky enough to still get plenty of natural sunlight shining into the studio for our first photoshoot look which was soft, elegant and natural. Here is a sneak peek of our first look, the rest is soon  to be revealed on the Bellagio website so stay tuned!

Look 1 Bellagio

The vibe and energy in the studio was at an all-time high as we flew through the first look and prepared our model for the second grungey look for the day. Below is a picture of Peter Coulson working his magic on our Bellagio model in her leather get-up. 

Peter Coulson Bellagio

All in all it was a successful day for Bellagio and we can't wait to share with you our behind the scenes video as well as the launch of our new website and face of Bellagio!

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