Posted by Lucy Lollio


Conducting a jewellery home party is not that difficult. With proper planning, a bit of creativity and preparations, then you are all set. First, you need to gather the jewelleries that you want to present and sell to your friends and guests. Also, know the materials used and how the jewellery was made; this will bring more flavour as you explain the jewellery to your guests, as well as attach the fitting price for each. Once you have these basic ideas, create invitation letters or email and send it to your prospects days before the actual event; the number of prospects will also decide how much time will be needed to run a successful jewellery home party, as well as the amount of food to prepare.

Most jewellery home parties take around 3 to 5 hours to run. Guests usually come to your home party to see and probably buy what’s presented on the table. You really don’t need to prepare a lot for food. Simple drinks and non-greasy foods will do. Also, place the table with the jewelleries in it somewhere roomy in order to hold your guests. Giving your guests a promised of freebies will entice them to go to your home party; a free fancy jewellery or small tokens will do.

After every successful home party, the jeweller will sell around hundreds of dollars depending on the number of guests buying the products. That’s it! Conducting a successful jewellery home party need not be sophisticated at all.



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