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Many people wear necklaces without considering the outfit that goes with it. When the occasion comes they suddenly find themselves feeling awkward and it seems that something is not right with the overall look. That is because a specific necklace is designed to fit a specific neckline.If you already have a necklace, then the next thing to do is match it with a dress with a neckline compatible with the necklace. Like for example, if your necklace is a choker type, then the best dress to wear is a strapless one.

There are 12 common necklace designs compatible with 12 popular necklines.

  1. Turtleneck goes with Long chains or pendants.
  2. Crew is perfect for bib or collar necklaces.
  3. Scoop necklines are best suited for shorter pendants with volume.
  4. Strapless dress goes well with chokers.
  5. The square neckline dress is great for angular pendants.
  6. Off shoulder dress looks good with asymmetric necklace.
  7. Halterneck is emphasised with slim pendants.
  8. The popular V necks go great with V shaped pendants as well.
  9. A collar short dress needs a pendant or choker to go with it.
  10. Boat neck clothes look amazing with long beads.
  11. Cowl necklines look fantastic with feature earrings.
  12. And, a sweetheart neckline is compatible with carved beads or pendants.

These basic ideas will help you decide what necklace to wear for a specific neckline. This will improve your overall style and aura, as well as making the necklace more pronounced; the contrasting effects will make both dress and necklace independently stand out from the crowd.



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