Welcome to the world of Bellagio & Co.

Bellagio & Co is Australia’s exclusive online boutique where you can enter the world of affordable yet luxurious jewellery.

We believe that everybody should embrace their own sense of style into their everyday lifestyle so that you can feel confident and beautiful everyday of the week, not just on special occasions. Therefore we have worked hard to present to you an array of beautiful jewellery, using the finest quality sterling silver and highest grade cubic zirconia and semi precious gems to create quality pieces that to last you a lifetime. All pieces in the Bellagio & co collection are made with 925 sterling silver and most of the collection is Rhodium Electroplated for to give you a platinum finish.



At Bellagio & Co we have an extensive collection to cater to different personal styles of women Australia wide.

In addition to our online boutique, thousands of women across Australia who have developed a love for the Bellagio & Co collection, have invited our Stylists to their home so that they can share the experience of indulging in the Bellagio & Co collection with their family and friends, all whilst earning stunning free jewellery and many generous host rewards.

We officially welcome you to our website and have confidence that you will not be disappointed.



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