Terms and conditions

Bellagio & Co is not a manufacturer; we are a reseller of the high quality jewellery. We sell affordable popular designs, or adaptations of designs that are comparable in quality to products sold by famous designers and manufacturers. Bellagio & Co does not sell replica items and our products are not made or manufactured by famous designers or their affiliates.

We are currently not working with or are related to other brands, this means that our products are "Bellagio & Co originals". If you are looking for original brand items then we strongly recommend for you to purchase it from an official dealer as we do not sell originals. Our customers must also accept not to sell or show them as legitimate ones, and is completely responsible to the law for their actions after buying them.

Unless specifically stated, when we show pictures of celebrities wearing jewellery, we do not claim that the jewellery worn by these celebrities is Bellagio & Co jewellery, nor do we claim that the jewellery they are wearing is exactly the same as the jewellery we sell. These pictures are simply showing that these fashion conscious individuals are wearing jewellery similar to jewellery available at Bellagio & Co so that our customers can also get a sense of their own style and how to wear the adaption of the product(s).

We do not state that our items are original neither exact designer copies, therefore, they do not breach any copyright laws.

By purchasing from the online Bellagio & Co boutique shopping portal or via the in home Jewellery Show service, you are expressing your agreement to all terms in the disclaimer, terms of sale and exchange and warranty policies.

For more information on our Disclaimer or Privacy Policy send your enquiry to: admin@bellagioandco.com